Green Thumb Interior is a full-service Interiorscape company serving the Greater Orlando area since 1995. Locally owned and operated, the company’s focus is on providing the highest quality foliage with guaranteed maintenance. Our foliage is hand-picked and sourced from the finest Florida nurseries.

We offer full-scale services that include:

Onsite consultations, design, installation, and guaranteed maintenance

Blooming arrangements and rotations

Short term event plants

Custom holiday decorating

Our clients include hospitals, hotels, resorts, atriums, large corporate offices, small offices, colleges and any other interior place that we can enhance with plants.

The company focuses on continued growth at a pace that will not overshadow the ability to provide excellent service.

The passion and pride of our company is obvious through the many referrals and consistent compliments that we receive. After 27 years in business, many of our first clients are still using our services. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve our local community and the trust that we are given to deliver what we promise.