Green Thumb will bring your Orlando, Florida business or home to life with live foliage, blooming plants, Plant Portraits© and living walls. We provide office plants, green plants, blooming plants, indoor plants, living walls and interior plant services with guaranteed plant maintenance. Using the highest quality foliage and blooming plants from select Florida and Hawaiian growers, we will create a custom interior landscape for any size or type of environment for both businesses and estate homes. We customize our services, whether purchase, lease or maintenance only to fit your needs and budget.

Guaranteed Maintenance

Not only do we supply beautiful interior foliage and blooming plants, be we specialize in maintaining your foliage. We also provide maintenance to clients who already own their plants and just need the expert care of a Green Thumb. Our friendly trained technicians will visit your location on a regular schedule to keep your plants watered, pruned and dusted. Should your plant begin to fail, we will replace it at no cost under our service agreement. We are Orlando’s #1 choice for interior plant services.

Are you ready for beautiful plants and great service?
Let’s get started:
If you are interested in enhancing your office or estate home the first step is to give us a call at (407) 896-7828 to set-up a complimentary site visit.
Our designer will work with you to determine the best plants, blooming rotations and decorative containers as outlined in our Plant Catalog and Decorative Container Catalog. We will assess space, traffic flow, lighting, temperature, as well as design, style, theme and budget.
Design Visualization utilizing Photo Imaging. With your permission, we will photograph the areas that plants will be proposed. We will then take the photos and use our extensive library of plants and decorative containers to create a rendering that will show you what your office or home will look like after installation.
Upon acceptance of design, plant selection and decorative containers, we will then submit a detailed proposal outlining your plant package, maintenance schedule, cost and service agreement for your review and signature.
Enjoy! Our skilled technicians will come regularly to take care of your plants.

Please call us at (407) 896-7828 to set-up a complimentary site visit.