This upscale restaurant in a stunning resort wanted to break up their dining rooms by adding some lush plants. We gave them two options that would keep with the theme that “you are vacationing in tropical Florida”, Rhaphis Excelsa palms and Kentia Palms. After reviewing the photos, they chose beautiful Rhaphis Excelsa palms.

This very busy entrance needed some big full plants with some color since it was the first thing visitors would see as they entered the building. We offered one of our very favorite plants – Dracaena Massangeana “Stump” Cane. While very similar to Massangeana Cane, these exotic specimens added a little more character and uniqueness. We then added dark orange Guzmania “Brimstone” Bromeliads to add a colorful and tropical touch.

This newly remodeled office has long hallways that needed some big lush plants to brighten them up. Because the lighting is on sensor, we had to select a plant that offered height and fullness, yet could survive with the light off much of the time. We recommended one of the most popular plants in the interiorscape – Dracaena Massangeana Cane.

As you can see, photo rendering is a very important aspect of the design and estimating process for our clients. This is just another element that sets our company apart from our competitors. If you are interested in adding greenery to your home or office or want to replace your existing greenery with a creative new design, please contact us at (407) 896-7828 or email