4 Important Reasons for Our Company Plant Service

For many business owners, decorating their office with plants is one of the last things on their minds. After all, with the numerous tasks on hand, why should they focus on hiring a company plant service, right?

What these Orlando businesses don’t realize, though, is that investing in the right interior plants and arranging them tastefully in their office can bring several benefits. If you own a business in central Florida, here are some of the reasons why you should hire Green Thumb Interior, we offer a company plant service in Orlando and can fill your office with beautiful live foliage and blooming rotations.

  1. Brighten up your workplace

This is the first and most obvious benefit you’ll enjoy when you have plants in your office. Orchids, Bromeliads, Anthuriums and Crotons add a pop of color to your space, while Dracaena, Palms, Ficus trees, and other live interior plants add texture and visual drama to your area. So, even if you have plain white walls and neutral-colored furniture, your office will never look boring as long as you decorate it with the right foliage.

  1. Enjoy fresher indoor air

Many commercial buildings nowadays are virtually airtight.This can be a good thing in terms of energy conservation since warm air in winter (or cool air in summer) won’t easily escape the building, allowing businesses to minimize their energy usage. However, this can be bad in terms of air quality; since there is poor air flow, offices are left with stagnant indoor air that’s full of pollutants like volatile organic compounds (or VOCs). When these are inhaled by humans, these pollutants can cause a wide range of illnesses, particularly respiratory problems.

Fortunately, placing interior plants in the office can alleviate this. Experts suggest a ratio of one plant per three employees (or more if you have the space). Any kind of plant can be used, but there are those NASA has proven to have air purifying properties. Some examples are Dracaena, Ficus, Palms and Sanervieria. These plants can effectively remove benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene from the air.

  1. Improve your employees’ moods

Several studies have shown that live interior plants have positive effects on people’s moods. A 2010 study, for instance, revealed that having interior plants in the working environment can help reduce feelings of depression or dejection by 58 percent. It can also minimize anger or hostility by 44 percent and tension or anxiety by 37 percent.

  1. Raise productivity and performance levels

A study led by Dr. Chris Knight from Exeter University has shown that placing one plant per square meter in minimalist offices can lead to an increase in memory retention among the employees. Other studies have confirmed that incorporating plants in office décor can raise productivity by up to 15 percent. Decorating workspaces with foliage can also reduce absenteeism (probably due to plants’ air-purifying qualities or stress-busting effects). This, in turn, can help minimize revenue loss due to sick days and lost productivity.


Now, imagine if you could bring these results to your office. You’ll have a team of happier, less stressed, and more positive-thinking employees!

Having plants in your office can lead to several benefits, such as those listed above. If you’re ready to introduce foliage to your work environment, call us here at Green Thumb Interior Plant Service.  We offer a company plant service in Orlando and can assist you in choosing the right live interior plants. Our services also offer blooming arrangements and can install them in your workplace. We then will provide guaranteed plant maintenance for your office plants as well.


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