Air Purifying Plants to Choose from Interior Foliage Services

Plants can easily give a unique character to a home. It’s not surprising that many people now choose interior foliage services as part of their home decor plans. But plants do more than just beautify your home, some also promote air purification.

Understanding air purification

There are endless reasons plants are an important part of human life and one of those is air purification. Plants are capable of converting carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen through photosynthesis and help purify the air by removing toxins.

A famous NASA experiment in 1989 revealed that indoor plants help clean the air of formaldehyde and benzene. These are two of the most volatile organic compounds known to cause cancer.

The best air purifying plants for interior foliage services

To help purify the air in your home, you can use interior foliage services, like Green Thumb Interior. Here are some of our best options for your home:

Snake plant

  • The snake plant is easy to maintain, stylish enough to fit any theme, and very effective in cleaning the air. Snake plants are widely known for removing formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene (TCE), and other air pollutants.


  • With different types and colors, calathea is one of the most versatile plants available from interior foliage services. This tropical houseplant can withstand high humidity making it perfect for the kitchen and bathroom that can use some air purification. Plus, calathea is very easy to maintain, so you just need to water it every few days to keep it thriving.

Peace lily

  • This plant is known as a powerhouse in air purification, according to NASA studies, where it was revealed to get rid of formaldehyde, TCE, toluene, and ammonia from indoor air. It can even remove mold that triggers asthma and allergies.


  • If you prefer to have color in your house, croton is the best way to go. This beautiful houseplant comes in a variety of colors to light up your interiors and it’s excellent at getting rid of any toxins from the air to make sure that you’re healthy while relaxing at home.

Rubber tree plant

  • This plant is a showstopper. Put it in the living room and you get that relaxing vibe right away. But more than its impeccable looks, the rubber plant can clean the air of airborne toxins and even keep parasites and tropical diseases away.


So, which air purifying plant is your favorite? Whatever style you want, you can never go wrong with choosing these plants from interior foliage services that will not only help you bring the outdoors in but also keep your family healthy through air purification.

So, for more great ideas for your home or office, contact us at Green Thumb Interior today!

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