Bring the Beauty of Spring Inside with Interior Foliage Services

The past two years have been full of challenges and adjustments. Most of these years were spent indoors as movements were limited due to health restrictions. Many have suffered mental health issues and should not be taken lightly. Hiring professional interior foliage services will not only improve the aesthetics of your home but also your mental health.

Bringing beauty indoors can offer great benefits to your well-being. It positively affects mood, appetite, productivity, creativity, and focus.

The Benefits of Bringing Spring Inside

Nature can bring a multitude of positive emotions like calmness, concentration, joy, and peace. So, bringing nature to your home or office will help calm the mind and the body.

Reduced Feeling of Anxiety & Depression

  • Plants provide natural healing power to combat depression and anxiety. According to studies, a bacterium found in plant soil called Mycobacterium vaccae stimulates the release of serotonin. This is a chemical that boosts mood, happy hormones, and healthy sleeping patterns.

Improved Air Quality

  • Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen while taking in air pollutants. Oxygen as the byproduct of photosynthesis is an important element to have clean air indoors. You can add to that the Phytoremediation process which involves plants cleaning up soil, water, and air.

Increased Productivity & Creativity

  • Some research reveals that indoor plants significantly improve workplace satisfaction. So, with the rise in remote work, plants can increase engagement by making people mentally involved in their tasks.

Better Memory

  • According to a study from the University of Michigan, plants indoors can increase memory retention by up to 20%. So, whether it is a professional or personal task, having indoor plants can help you remember information over a period.

Why Interior Foliage Services is the Way to Go

People who are more connected with nature are said to be happier as nature can generate positive feelings. Likewise, indoor spaces with elements of nature offer good visuals and support mental, physical, and emotional health.

In today’s digital age, reconnecting with nature is almost impossible. Interior foliage services can help address the issue by bringing nature indoors.

With the help of interior foliage services, a wide array of plants and flowers can give your indoor spaces an instant upgraded look. Besides, with so many options to choose from, trained staff will be able to provide experts’ advice on which indoor plants, blooming plants, or green plants are best for your offices or homes. Not only that, but interior foliage services also take off the burden of taking care of the plants: watering, trimming, and maintenance.

Hiring Green Thumb Interior plant service is an effective solution if you want to update the look of your private or working spaces. Their foliage options and indoor plants solutions will make you realize that blooming flowers, seasonal blooms, and green plants are more than meets the eye.

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