Everyone’s Going for a Greenery Event in Orlando, Florida: Here’s How You Could Join the Trend

Event plant rental is now more booming than ever, and it’s easy to know why. If you search for short term event inspirations on social media or Pinterest, you’ll most likely see pictures of greenery for types of events at hotels, convention centers, parks, school graduations, government functions and many more.

Although this theme has been used for many years, new additions that put a twist to this old favorite have given it the comeback it deserves.

Now if you want to apply the same concept to your event, here are some decoration ideas to get you inspired:


Areca Palm Trees

If you can’t find a venue that will make your event feel like you’re in a forest, you can call your reliable event plant rental to bring in some foliage instead.

Palm trees are truly a classic plant, especially if you’re holding the event in a bare open space because it adds that instant “Welcome to Orlando, Florida” feel to the area. Line up a bunch of palms on either side of your ballroom or space or use them throughout your area for a touch here and there.



Ferns are the final touch to any greenery event package. Ferns hide cords and other spaces that just need something low to the ground or flocking other greenery to hide their decorative containers. Ferns are almost always part of every short term plant rental.


Flowering plants

Why would you spend a lot of money on floral arrangements when you can have tropical Bromeliads, Orchids or other colorful tropical plants added to your plant rental package? If you’re going for the greenery look but would like to add some pops of colors in between, you can opt for flowering plants in your package.



Planters can also be an important aspect of your short term event. While basic black cylinders may be all you need, you may want to enhance your foliage package with containers that may be tall so that you can elevate the greenery off the floor. Or you may prefer a specific color or shape of the decorative container to achieve a specific theme for your event.

Adding greenery to your short term event will certainly enhance what you are conveying to your visitors or customers and make them feel welcome while visiting a booth at a convention center or reception in a ballroom or any other place that you can think of that greenery will be the icing on the cake of your event in Orlando, Florida.


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