Keep Employees Engaged as Summer Approaches with Plant Leasing Orlando

Summer is just right around the corner and as much as we all love the sunny weather, it also makes us less motivated to go to work as we think more about being on the beach, going on vacations or just lounging around at home. So, if you’re a business owner, it’s very important to find ways to motivate your employees to go to work during the summer season.

One of the best ways to do this is by making your office more inviting and conducive for working during the warmer months and you can book plant leasing Orlando for that.

How does the warmer weather impact work motivation?

When the summer sun kicks in, even the most hardworking employees can feel lazy and unmotivated to go to work. This is mainly because the thought of summer can instantly give anyone that feeling that they should be on vacation and not stuck in the office.

Employees who have children are also busier since kids are out of school and planning on summer classes, camps, and other fun activities to keep them busy during the summer break. This added pressure can put more stress on employees and their work might be sacrificed.

Summer also offers a lot of distraction to employees, especially on social media. When their feeds are filled with friends posting photos of their getaways, they could feel left out and stressed about how they should be on a vacation too.

How do you keep your employees engaged with plant leasing Orlando?

If you feel that your employees are going through the summer blues, here are some tips on how to keep them driven to go to work with the help of plant leasing Orlando:


Make your office feel more tropical.

  • If your employees can’t go on a vacation because of work, bring the vacation to them. Turn your office into a tropical oasis by adding beautiful plants from plant leasing Orlando that you can return when the summer season is over. Adding plants will make a huge difference to how your office looks and feels, and doing plant leasing Orlando means that you’re not committing to taking care of these plants all year.


Offer a flexible working schedule.


  • Working doesn’t mean your employees have to miss summer. If your employees can work anywhere and don’t have to be in the office all week, you can offer a more flexible working schedule during the summer, so they can spend more time with family without sacrificing their work. You can also offer shorter working hours, so your employees still have time to enjoy the outdoors.


Of course, your employees will never say no to a well-stocked pantry. Bring in some snacks, drinks, and water to keep them full and hydrated as they work throughout the day.

You can even treat your employees to some iced coffee and ice cream at the end of the work week, so they can feel re-energized and refreshed after working hard.

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