New Year, New Office Vibes: Interior Foliage Orlando

And just like that, another year is about to end. This also means that it’s time to prepare your office to welcome 2023 with a fresh vibe.

From decluttering to adding some fresh interior foliage Orlando, there’s nothing like bringing new life into your office.

The benefits of freshening up for the New Year


Refreshes boost productivity.

  • A clean and organized workspace will motivate your employees and improve productivity.


You Can reduce distractions.

  • Clutter can easily distract employees and that affects their ability to focus on their tasks. A well-designed office reduces distractions to allow your employees to maximize their day.


It makes the office a healthier place.

  • You and your employees spend most of your day inside the office. So, it’s only fitting to make this space as relaxing, inviting, and healthy as possible.
  • When you declutter you reduce dust, dirt, and mildew from growing and bringing potential health hazards. Adding interior foliage Orlando also helps to make the office greener.


It keeps you calm.

  • Who doesn’t want to work in a calm and peaceful environment anyway? Well-designed office space is a great way to show your employees that you care about providing them with an environment where they feel less stressed about work.


The interior foliage that your office needs

Are you ready to add good interior foliage Orlando to your workspace for the New Year? Here are some great choices:


African violet.


  • The green and deep purple color combination offer a relaxing vibe to any workspace. African violets also thrive in the same temperatures as humans do, so you won’t have to worry about keeping them alive.


Devil’s ivy.


  • It may not have the most inviting name, but the devil’s ivy plant is such a great addition to any space because it’s easy to maintain and stylish enough with its shiny green leaves that will surely make your office feel warmer.


Snake plant.


  • If you need a plant that can provide you with a good height without worrying about maintenance, the snake plant is definitely the best interior foliage Orlando for you. This plant can thrive without direct sunlight, and you don’t need to water it often. Plus, it’s also very stylish with its shiny long leaves that can liven up any space.


ZZ plant.


  • If you’re going for a Zen-slash-minimalist look for your office, the ZZ plant would fit perfectly on a corner in the lounge or on a table. This beautiful succulent can tolerate low light well and it can grow even with little water, so you don’t need to maintain it regularly.

As the New Year begins, make sure that you invest in these tweaks that will surely make a huge difference to your workspace. Contact Green Thumb Interior today.

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