New Year, New Plants! How Office Plant Rental Service in Orlando can Improve Your Work Environment

Out with the old, in with the new! What better way to start 2022 than with an office plant rental service in Orlando? Focus your energy on being a more productive and better version of yourself by updating your workplace.

Improving your work environment can be done without breaking the bank. A simple refresh like new plants will foster creativity, spark engagement, and inspire innovation.

How Office Plants Can Improve Your Environment

Interior plants give your workplace a natural and refreshing look while letting your employees benefit from its advantages.

By incorporating office plants into your design concept, the overall happiness of staff often increases.

One study on the long-term effects of indoor plants conducted by researchers in the Netherlands, Australia, and the UK found that office plants improve air quality, concentration levels, and employee satisfaction.

Some other reasons why you should invest in hiring office plant service Orlando:


Reduced Sick Days

Sprucing up your workplace with office plants can significantly reduce employee sick days. Office plants can also lead to a 25% decrease in fatigue, eye and nose irritation, concentration problems, and dry skin.

It is also beneficial if your workplace has poor ventilation because plants naturally filter out toxins. Go for indoor plants that are natural air purifiers.

Improved Productivity

Studies show that indoor plants reduce stress levels while improving employees’ productivity.

Eye-catching plants help in memory retention and aid in attaining high scores on basic tests according to 2014 research done by the University of Exeter. Employees who engage with their surroundings show greater output due to better focus.

Improved Creativity

According to Attention restoration theory, individuals looking at nature or images of nature are more relaxed and have better concentration. Likewise, the effects of indoor plants can shift the brain into a more creative mode.

Cleaner Air

Indoor plants can help reduce carbon dioxide by about 10% in air-conditioned offices and by about 25% for non-air-conditioned workspaces.

Scientists at NASA discovered that plants are capable of trichloroethylene and formaldehyde from the air making it cleaner for humans to breathe.

Office Plant Service Orlando

Green Thumb Interior has over 25 years of experience assuring you all the foliage picked and arrangements are only the best for businesses and homes.

Using only the highest-quality plants and foliage, this office plant service Orlando will create custom interior landscapes and other services according to your preferences to fit your needs and budget.

If you are considering upgrading your work environment the most convenient and practical way, Green Thumb Interior is always ready to get you the best plants based on your office’s space, lighting, temperature, traffic flow, design, and budget.

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