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Corporate events are crucial in strengthening teams, and promoting and improving company culture, and creativity. Events play a vital role in employee engagement, for them to get up from their desks, meet, and have some sort of entertainment.

Now that virtual events are over, corporate events continue to seek ideas to create lasting impressions just like plant rentals for themed corporate ideas. Utilizing plant service Orlando for corporate gatherings is an opportunity to bring the benefits of nature indoors.

Read on and explore how you can transform your corporate events into a refreshingly vibrant place, a perfect way to level up your business affairs.

Theme Ideas for Corporate Events

Choosing your corporate event theme needs careful consideration. The chosen theme must align with your business culture and goals. It should also fit the preferences s the attendees of the event while staying relevant to the setting.

Here are a few corporate event themes suggestions that you might want to consider in your next business event.

Carnival Themed

This type of corporate event will certainly be one for the books bringing back childhood memories. Bring entertainers like magicians and jugglers along with the nostalgic carnival games, colors, and decorations.

Tropical Paradise

Bring the slice of paradise right into your corporate event location. Besides, who would not love vibrant flowers and green palm leaves indoors? So, give your attendees that much-needed tropical holiday without having to take a leave. Go with grilled food, fresh fruits, and tropical drinks to complete the set-up.

Spring Is Here

Spring is the perfect theme to start the second quarter of the year. When choosing this theme, you won’t run out of décor ideas with the help of Plant Service Orlando, a company that can rent you an option of beautiful flowers.

Hollywood Glamor

This is a chance for all the attendees to feel and be treated like a star. Roll out the red carpet, fitting for guests dressed up like their favorite Hollywood stars. Go a step further by serving steaks and champagne. But you also have the option to go for light snacks like popcorn and movie theater candy. But do not fall short on decorations.

Happy Hour

This is the kind of event that everyone is looking forward to after a hard day’s work or a busy week. Happy Hour-themed corporate events can be done just inside the office or at a nearby restaurant.

Plant Service Orlando Rental Ideas

The world of corporate events continues to evolve, but the goal of having a unique, stylish, and captivating event remains the same. The role of fresh plants and flowers enhances the whole experience.

Vibrant-colored flowers and plants have the power to make your corporate events more inviting. The types of flowers and arrangements vary depending on your type of event.

Peace Lily is great as a table centerpiece or can accent your event hallways.

White Bird of Paradise can bring a touch of elegance and tropical flair to your event.

Weeping Fig can serve as an eye-catching centerpiece or as entryway foliage to add a welcoming touch for attendees.

There are also some great choices of flowers that Plant Service Orlando can provide depending on the season and event. Roses, Dahlia, Hibiscus, Jasmine, Begonia, Plumeria, and Canna Lily are some of the flowers that bloom year-round.

When planning for your next corporate events, Plant Service Orlando by Green Thumb Interior can provide the right plants and flowers to set the mood.

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