5 Tips to Sprucing Up Your Event with Plants

If you look at most interior and event design inspirations today, you’ll see that they all have one thing in common: plants. They’re green, beautiful, and flexible, which is why plants are now widely used as decorations for events of any kind because they can easily spruce up a place without putting much effort into it.

If you’re planning to hire an event plant rental, here are five tips that you can use to make the most of your plants:


Choose bigger, taller plants for bare spaces

If you’re working with a large, bare space for your event, you can make it look more filled up with the help of taller and bigger floor plants.

Ask your event plant rental about some options for the space considering its size and scale because you don’t want to rent a huge plant that won’t fit in your event space. A 6 to 7-inch floor plant is a good height to work with and you can vary different sizes for added texture.


Play with different blooms

We all know how expensive flowers can get when it comes to decorating for events. So if you want to use something that you’ll just throw away after a few days, you can opt for floral plants instead.

Orchids are a huge favorite among designers because they can blend well with just about any theme. If you’re sprucing up your event space to look like the “Crazy Rich Asians” wedding, you can never go wrong with using orchids.

A lot of event hosts even use potted plants as tablescapes, which can double as favors after the party.


Use low maintenance plants

Although you’re only going to rent the plants for a while, they would still need some maintenance to keep them from dying. But if you don’t want the extra job of watering your plants from the event plant rental, you can go for low maintenance options like succulents and cacti.


Take advantage of herbs

When it comes to decorating, herb plants may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But if you think about it, herbs don’t only provide that rustic look and feel to your event, but they also add those distinctive aromas that will surely make your event more inviting and comfortable for guests.

You can choose to put herbs in small pots or baskets and use them as centerpieces.


Be creative with different textures

When it comes to using plants for decorating, you’ll be spoilt for choice with different textures, sizes, and colors, so go ahead and take advantage of that to achieve the look that you’d want for your event.

You can even talk to event plant rental so they can provide you with the best options for plants depending on what your theme is.

Decorating with plants in events is definitely becoming a huge trend today. If done right, plants can offer all the elements you need to make your event as stunning without the hefty price.


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