Here’s How Green Thumb Interior Can Transition Your Space from Christmas to Spring

Like many people, you’ve most likely put up decorations in your home or office during the holidays. You might even have hired a company that offers professional Christmas decorating Orlando services! This way, you made sure that your space reflected the Yuletide season and spread good cheer not just to your family and employees but also to everyone who visited you or dropped by your workspace.

But now that Christmas has come and gone, it’s time to think about updating the decor of your home or office. Specifically, you need to plan its look and feel when spring rolls around. Don’t worry if you have no idea where to start since Green Thumb can always help! We can transition your space from Christmas cheer to springtime beauty through:


Tabletop Arrangements

There’s nothing wrong with picking flowers when you walk through the neighborhood and placing them in a vase. But why stop there? To give your home or office a sleek, elegant look that’s spring-ready, you’ll want to invest in blooming orchid & bromeliad arrangements from a decorating specialist like Green Thumb Interiors. Our blooming arrangements are made using only the finest-quality orchids and bromeliads from selected growers in Florida and Hawaii, and they’re designed by creative and talented interiorscape decorators in Orlando, Florida who have years of experience in the industry. As a result, you’ll get blooming plants that complement your interior design and effectively bring spring into your home or office.  Whether you live in downtown Orlando, Winter Park, Lake Mary, Altamonte Springs or other area in the Greater Orlando area, your home can have beautiful interior plants and blooming arrangements from Green Thumb Interior.


Potted Plants

Another way to get your place ready for spring, after Christmas decorating Orlando, is to use live potted interior plants. These are a fantastic option for bare corners that need to be brightened up, yet too small for pieces of furniture. They’re also an excellent way to spice up office hallways and make a great impression on customers.

Not sure which plants are ideal for your space? Just leave it to Green Thumb Interior Plant Service. We’ll work with you to identify what you like. Then we’ll determine the lighting, temperature, and traffic flow of your home or office. We’ll then use this information to select the best possible foliage for it. With your permission, we’ll also take a couple of pictures of the locations where you want to place the plants. Using our photo rendering software, we’ll give you a visual of how your space will look with plants installed. Simply choose the plant and container that best fits your style preferences; we’ll take care of everything else, from installation to maintenance.


Living Walls

Living walls, aka green walls, are vertical panels where plants grow through hydroponics (the process of using water and mineral solutions to provide plants with the needed nutrients). They can be either attached to your walls or set up as freestanding structures. Living walls can be a bit overwhelming for small homes, but they work well for large houses and commercial offices. They literally bring the garden into your space. They then ensure that you have access to spring’s lush green beauty even when you’re indoors — all year round. Green Thumb Interior specializes in creating living walls. These living walls can be made for your home or office with your desired design and dimensions.


Preparing your space for springtime has never been so easy! Contact us here at Green Thumb Interior Plant Service! Let us help you transition from Christmas decorating Orlando to welcoming spring with open arms.



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