Top 6 Reasons to Rent Plants for Your Next Event

Indoor plants, especially live ones, not only add aesthetic appeal, but also bring a host of benefits, from reducing carbon dioxide to reducing stress. Maybe your office has already considered plant leasing Orlando, and you’re considering it for your home. Weddings and special event venues almost always have flowers and plants decorating a few spots or an entire area? Yes, they make any space look and feel special.

So the next time you want to decorate an event venue in Florida, hire the best plant leasing Orlando provider, Green Thumb Interior Plant Service.

Why lease?

The same reason you lease a property – you get the goods without working out the details before and after. That is to say, you don’t grow the plants, and you won’t clean up after an event as well. But there’s more to this than just convenience.

What Plant Leasing Orlando Offers

  1. Visually enhance a venue

Plants bring to life any space and occasion. So if an event venue’s looking dull and drab, flowers and plants of various colors are all you need to transform it. With a huge variety to choose from, you can practically create a world of fantasy for guests.

  1. Provide plants for any theme

Want to re-create Alice in Wonderland or Tinkerbell? The right plants will do just the trick. Want a wedding venue and reception to look all white and smell like romance? There are flowers for that too. With a choice of short full plants, taller plants and trees, seasonal flowers, and tabletop varieties, you can practically create a theme or style a location based on the plants you lease.

  1. Choose between long and short-term lease

Plant leasing companies offer both short and long-term leases, depending on how long an event runs. They will provide you with the kind of species that will last as long as you need them too and take care of those plants for as long as you want them. Either way, you get a burst of color that will make any venue special.

  1. Huge range of plants on hand

Looking for something specific? Or maybe you don’t know exactly which plants you want to use for an event. Browse through a plant catalog and you’ll likely find inspiration. There’s no shortage of plants, so you can let your imagination run wild.

  1. Provide design options and professional advice

If you need help with design advice, the best companies will provide plant rendering, and we here at Green Thumb Interiors are no different. That is, we will provide you insights as to which plants are best placed where, giving you an idea on how to transform any space.

  1. Fast turnaround

What’s great about plant leasing is that you don’t need to grow them yourself, take care of them or return them to the provider. A company that offers excellent service will take care of your needs fast and efficiently. They will bring the plants to you and take them away when you want them to.

With these in mind, check out what options Green Thumb Interiors has for plant leasing Orlando, and make any event venue look like it came out of a fairy tale.



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