4 Reasons to Get Short-Term Plant Rental Services for Your Office or Event

First impressions last — and they’re incredibly important in the business world. They help attract new customers, build client loyalty, and boost company reputations. Because of this, entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ways to impress their customers. If you’re an entrepreneur, one of the ways to accomplish these goals is to use short term plant rental services.

By doing so, you can get blooming plants and other types of foliage for your business. You can also rent attractive plants and trees for your seminars, workshops, and other corporate events. Using short term plant rental solutions is beneficial since they let you enjoy the following benefits:


Make Your space more attractive

Using flowers and plants is one of the easiest and most effective ways to brighten up any room. With their eye-catching colors and interesting textures, beautiful foliage will give your space a pleasant and elegant feel and help you impress everyone who visits your office or attends your event. It’s a great way to wow your guests, clients, and investors and show them that you’re a professional and reliable company.


Improve staff productivity

Several studies have shown that plants can remove the harmful pollutants found in indoor air. Especially true for those offices located in airtight buildings. This, in turn, can help your staff have excellent productivity since they can maintain good health and have fewer sick days. Aside from the physical aspect, having flowers and plants in an office can boost your employees’ mood and help them have a positive mindset.


Get expert advice on which plants to use

Unless you’re an expert in interior design, choosing the right plants for your office or event venue can be a difficult, stressful, and time-consuming process. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about this when you hire a company that offers short term plant rental services. Here at Green Thumb Interiors, we use photo rendering technology to help you visualize how each plant will look. We’ll also give you advice on the best plants to use based on the temperature, lighting, traffic flow, and design theme of your space.


Avoid the hassle of maintenance and removal

One of the best things about using short term plant rental services is that it removes the stress and hassle of plant upkeep. There’s no need to hire someone to water the plants and keep them well-trimmed. Our plant rental company will do all of that for you as a part of our service! When your plants are no longer in good condition, the company will also remove them from your premises and ensure they’re properly disposed. They’ll likewise replace the plants with new ones to keep your office vibrant and colorful. The same holds true if you’re organizing a corporate event: once it’s done, your plant rental company will take care of the removal and disposal of your rented foliage.


Enjoy plant rental services today!

Using short term plant rental solutions is an effective and fuss-free way to improve your office space and brighten up your event venue. If you’re ready to give these services a try, contact us here at Green Thumb Interiors. We specialize in short term plant rental Orlando. We are happy to provide you a wide range of foliage options that fit your office design or corporate event.