9 of the Best Holiday and Christmas Decorating Ideas for Orlando this Year

With Christmas just around the corner, you’re probably gathering Christmas decorating ideas. Something that is unique and different from last year.


Well, why not take advantage of super simple Christmas decorating ideas, and great plants that make for festive Christmas decorations from Green Thumb Interiors?


Bows, lots of them

Bows and ribbons not only look good on gifts but also as Christmas decor. Tie a ribbon on your mirror, the handrail of your stairs, or around the pot of a hanging plant. Place a bow where appropriate and your home will be an awesome gift to the eyes.


Choice Greenery

Do you want to create a full and festive garland? Layer juniper with pine and spruce to create a fuller effect. Because Christmas decorating is incomplete without the color green, layering greens on greens is a fantastic idea. You can then add color and sparkle with birch twigs, silvery pine cones, and winterberry.


Ribbons and greens

Now that you have your ribbons and your garlands, mix the two for a gorgeous creation. What could be more Christmas-y than a bright red ribbon tied around your green garland?


Go for Christmas roses

Poinsettias are a Christmas staple but you don’t have to decorate like everyone else. You have the option to combine or replace poinsettias with Christmas roses.


These beautiful perennials of the hellebore family bloom in winter and bring an explosion of colors amidst all that white snow. In your home, it will add color and life.


Double up

Why settle with just one wreath placed on the front door when you can stack two? Place one over the other and your entryway will not only look merry and festive once but twice.


Make it wreath

The wreaths you stack up on your front door doesn’t have to be mirror images of each other. Instead of the usual greens, use birch bark sheets to create a wreath. Choose sheets in varying degrees of color to create a frosted effect.


Bring snow and sparkle in

Icy frost doesn’t have to be limited outdoors. Mix white and silver glitter in a 3:1 ratio and you have the frost you can spread around. That centerpiece of faux lime, grapes, and pears is sure to sparkle when you coat it with your glittery concoction.


Edible decorations

Who says Christmas decorating can only be done using traditional decor? With plenty of foods in festive colors, you can use them as edible decoration. Think of an evergreen covered in Fruit Loops, a garland of popcorn or cranberries, and some cookies in place of the same old decorations.


More Christmas greenery

Can’t get enough of Christmas greens? Outline a simple mirror with blue spruce, cedar leaves, and/or juniper and mix them up with feathers and ribbons. You can also string up Christmas greens together using a fishing line and then wrap it around banisters. This decorating idea is sure to make an unexpected statement and add texture in your home.


When it comes to Christmas decorating, the ideas you can use are limitless. With a bit of creativity and a flare for festive decoration, you can decorate your home in a less traditional way.



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