4 Tips for Holiday Decorating Your Workspace


Most people think that the holidays fall on the last month of the year.


Well, not all of them.


A few notable holidays have already come and gone even before the first of December rolls in. Pumpkins are sculpted and pint-sized ghouls get candy in October while families are set around the dining table to marvel at a carved turkey in November.


It would be more appropriate to say that December is the highlight of the holiday season. You’ve got Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa all happening one after the other. It’s definitely a festive time of the year. That means parties, presents, and decorations.


We’re turning our attention to that one spot that’s often overlooked when people in the office start getting bitten by the holiday decorating bug.


Why spruce things up

Normally, the hive of decorating activity is restricted to the communal spaces. So why bother sprucing up your cubicle? Two quick answers – get you in the spirit of the holidays and keep in theme with the rest of the decor, at least for that month or so.


Now, Here are some tips

Workspaces tend to be small but these tips should work even if you have an office with a view. The key to this holiday decorating plan is to use up the space you’ve got without cluttering it.


Tip 1 – Keep it tiny


Buying an actual Christmas tree and sticking it in your cubicle is out of the question. So is lighting a menorah at your desk. Look for miniature decorations that won’t overwhelm your space and become a potential fire hazard.


If you do celebrate both the holidays mentioned above, this would be the perfect opportunity to pick out items that symbolize them and add them all around the room.


Tip 2 – Experiment with height and color


When using small and unique decorative pieces, find something that unifies them. Aiming for a more cohesive look will definitely amp the wow factor.


Group together pieces with varying heights or choose a color scheme to use as a reference when shopping for decorations.



Tip 3 – Something green and alive


While a tall pine tree with lush leaves is a no-go, plants, in general, are. Look for a mini succulent that would look good on top of the filing cabinet or make an unused corner more cheery. Philodendrons and peace lilies are just some of the varieties you could incorporate into your design scheme.



Tip 4 – Light it up


Holiday decorating won’t be complete without those bright, twinkling lights. Or if you prefer, a light fixture that emits a warm yet subdued glow. String fairy lights are a great option because they come in different colors and are easy to form into a shape that you want.



On a final note, keep your decorations within your cube to show respect for other people’s space. And when you’re done, sit back, put on that holiday playlist, and enjoy your handiwork. If you’re looking for holiday decorating for your office, contact Green Thumb Interiors today!




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