Utilizing Plants and Colors in Event Styling


Events are nearly always an occasion for enjoyment. However, the most experienced event planners know that they need to draw out a deeper feeling from attendees or guests.



Wonder. Friendliness. Luxury. It’s possible to give off a vibe that exudes all three, provided they match the theme of an event.



But how do event coordinators go about evoking these warm and positive feelings? Color. Specifically, adding bursts of color with the help of an event plant rental service.


Why Use Plants


Plants are one of the most versatile design elements you can add to any function. They come in such a variety of shapes and textures that they lend themselves well to practically any theme. From bonsai trees to flowering vines to potted succulents, there are more options than you can count.



Plants also allow event planners to be imaginative. This is because their versatility doesn’t end with shape and texture, there are different colors to choose from as well. Finding the right event plant rental service can give event stylists access to an assortment of leaves and hues.



Making plants and color work well in a venue layout requires a good understanding of primary colors and the meaning behind them.


Brands and the Psychology of Color


Have you ever noticed how the logos of the popular brands like Coca-Cola or Apple have a distinct color to them? Well, their use of color is intentional.



When combined with the right text font, color makes these brand logos “stick”. This means that people can easily associate these logos with the brand and consequently, with the company that owns them.



Now, the choice of color is intentional because there is meaning behind them. Each one is able to elicit a certain kind of response or feeling from people who see it. Angela Wright, author of the Beginner’s Guide to Color Psychology, tells us that there are four primary colors in the study of color psychology. Each one is listed with their corresponding meaning below.



Red. This color relates to the body and conveys feelings of basic survival so the feelings associated with it are courage, strength, warmth, and energy. Red is also a highly stimulating color so companies use them to get you excited.



But the use of red can also have visual impact characterized by defiance or aggression. This explains why red means ‘stop’ in the traffic lights.



Yellow. This emotional color is used by companies to make a connection. Yellow represents optimism and friendliness. However, too much of the wrong kind of yellow can be dangerous as it can inspire irrational behavior, even fear.



Blue. Often regarded as ‘the world’s favorite color’, this hue represents communication and trust. Blue is perceived as intellectual color. It is logical and practical but also calming. A strong blue tone stimulates the mind and helps it to think clearly. Meanwhile, a softer tone aids in concentration.



Green. This is the most serene color of them all. Green has such a balanced tone that the eye never has to adjust to it. Green feels peaceful and refreshing. Perhaps it is also no coincidence that green is the predominant color in nature. In the fields, the trees, and plants.



Understanding the significance of these four colors allows event stylists to effectively incorporate all an event plant rental service has to offer. Guided by the rationale of hosting a specific gathering, the overall design can help set the mood for your attendees. Again, the importance of hiring the right event plant rental service cannot be stressed enough. Shopping around before settling on a service provider is a must.




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