How You Can Use Our Plant Service to Market Your Business

Green Thumb has been in the interior plant service business for more than 20 years. We have provided tropical interior plants and blooming plants for a range of events, including trade shows and convention centers across Orlando, Florida. Through our event plant rental Orlando service, spaces in many resorts and hotels have been transformed by a combination of short and tall plants, with hints of color from blooming rotations such as orchids and Bromeliads.


We know how important marketing is in business, and we would like to help you. You are probably wondering how you can use event plant rental Orlando to market your business. Here’s how:


Plants as More than Decorative Items


Today, it’s not surprising to see a range of interiorscape plants as part of decorations during special events. After all, they not only add beauty to a space, they can also serve as a conversation topic, which is a good starting point for marketing.



People are going to ask questions, and you will be there to provide answers. A conversation that gets rolling can branch out in many different ways, including a talk about what you are promoting or what your business is all about.



Smartphones also play a role in spreading word about your business. You probably know by now that anything that looks attractive deserves to be captured in a snap and uploaded to a favorite social media site. Although fancy decorations are picture worthy, so are plant arrangements. Green Thumb Interior’s event plant rental Orlando can customize a package that compliments your short term event.



Suppose an event guest sees a particular plant display and likes it so much that they take a photo with it and share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. They would most likely use hashtags, include a location, and state where they are in their posts. You can also encourage attendees to use a specially crafted hashtag for the event. This way, you are creating an engaging atmosphere where guests can feel part of the event.



Our Custom Designed Foliage Package


Each business is different from the next. This is why our event plant rental Orlando service takes time with customization to ensure your short term plant package meets the needs of your event. We can be as simple or as bold as you want us to be.



Communication is critical to the success of the design. We would need information on where your event will take place, as well as the nature of the event. Of course, we will also need other basic information such as date and time.



We will work on a design that suits the event you are having. We can even provide you with a photo rendering of how we intend to decorate the space you will be occupying for the event.



Once we have established the design, we will send over a detailed estimate for your foliage package, as well as information on the logistics.



On the day of your event, our team will arrive to set everything up. When the event is over, our event plant rental team will be there to remove all the plants and foliage.



Many events are now using plants as decorative statements. And why not? They are attractive and come in many shapes and sizes. And they also serve a purpose beyond beautifying a space, and that includes helping you market your business.


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