How Plant Leasing Can Work for You

Tests done by NASA showed that air within up to 1,800 square feet of space can be cleaned naturally by up to 20 golden pothos or spider plants.

This makes plants a safer and more cost-effective alternative to air filters and ventilation that could gather dust in the air ducts.

With this in mind, you should take advantage of what plant leasing Orlando offers. Whether for use at home or in the office, leasing plants will prove valuable to your most expensive asset – humans.

Clean air is what family members and employees need.

In an office, fresh air contributes to increased focus and productivity and minimizes the risk of staff contracting airborne-disease or inhaling contaminants. It also makes your business premises clean and pleasant overall.


Why Opt for Plant Leasing Orlando?


Aesthetics and Purpose

Not everyone is a trained horticulturist.

If you really want to gain the many benefits from plants, you should tap into the expertise of a horticulture specialist who knows which plants work for what and where they should be placed to maximize their form and function.

Should a specific plant be far from an air conditioner? Which one should have a west facing window? What type of plants can combat contaminants and pollutants best?

A horticulturist will know these answers for you.


Improved Health

As previously mentioned, live plants are good for a building’s occupants, improving indoor air quality. Without contaminants and pollutants, employees stay healthier while working long hours.

If they are seldom sick, they can put in more hours and stay productive. These things spell good news for your business and your bottom line.

Plants have also been known to reduce stress and improve healing and learning.

Considering that U.S. companies lost $68B from health care cost due to problems induced by stress, you should ensure a stress-free environment for your staff. Don’t be part of the statistics.

All these should be reason enough to hire plant leasing Orlando providers offer.


Customer Satisfaction

Plant leasing companies have trained horticulturists with valuable knowledge that you can tap into. With a commitment to ensure you get the most of your investment, expect guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Apart from providing you with the right plants for a specific purpose and place them in the appropriate areas, they will visit regularly to check and care for the plants. This means care and maintenance need not be added to your list of things to do.

After all, taking care of certain plants require specialized skills that plant leasing Orlando providers like Green Thumb Interiors has plenty of.


If any issues should arise, you just need to give us a call and we will respond promptly and address the problem.

If seasonal plants are used, we will be fully responsible for replacing them with plants suitable for the new season. This takes the guesswork out of the entire process.

Moreover, plants arrive in your office healthy, in full bloom, and well cared for.


As you can see, plant leasing Orlando can do wonders for your home or office. So don’t hesitate to give Green Thumb Interiors a call today.


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