What Plants Should You Get for Your Office?

By now you’ve probably heard all the great things about bringing plants indoors. They are not only a feast for the eyes; they can also provide better health by clearing the air of harmful substances. In short, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be bringing in office plants to your place of business.


With the many varieties available, finding the right office plants can be quite the daunting task. But one of the best ways to deal with the dilemma is to sit down and really think about what your office needs before calling for an office plant service.


For instance, you might want a small potted plant because your space isn’t too big. You might also want a plant that doesn’t require a ton of maintenance because you could use those costs elsewhere. You can also take into consideration the actual benefits of the plant, like air-cleaning qualities.


With that in mind, here are some ideas for indoor plants you can use our office plant service for:


African Violet


Any shade of green might be great to look at because they bring in that feel of the outdoors, but a lot of people also prefer a bit of color. With the African Violet, you immediately address the need for small office plants.


Given its size, this plant is best put on tables and can serve as a focal point. However, this does require a bit of maintenance compared to other plants on this list. The good news is that if you’re responsible for keeping this alive it’s really small, so there’s very little work. Thus, the African Violet is one of the best office plants you can get.


Jade Plant


This is one of the best options for you if you’re really not into maintenance. The Jade Plant can survive even if you don’t give it much attention. Called a “money plant” by the Japanese, this small succulent is said to bring financial success. But it doesn’t matter if you bring in this plant for improving finances as it is lovely enough to warrant a space in your office.


Chinese Evergreen


No matter how clean an office is, there’s always some dangerous elements floating around. How can you protect yourself against harmful stuff when you’re in an enclosed, air-conditioned space? Well, one of the best answers is to bring in plants that remove toxins from the air. The Chinese Evergreen is such a plant. Plus, it doesn’t require that much maintenance.


English Ivy


This is yet another plant that can clean the air for you. As you know, the presence of mold is not healthy but luckily there is a natural remedy. The English Ivy is an evergreen climbing vine that is normally put outside but does a really good job of eliminating mold particles. But they can be poisonous so kids and pets shouldn’t be able to easily reach them.




Nothing gets more low maintenance than a cactus. Plus, there are different varieties to choose from so they also add a bit of visual delight. However, they are best in offices with significant access to sunlight (by the window or big windows).


Bringing in plants to your office is not just for visual improvement; it can have certain health benefits too. But you do need to pick the right office plants that suit your needs.


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