Popular Plants for Events in the New Year

When you’re planning an event, you think about colors and the items that fit that scheme. You probably wouldn’t consider an event plant rental service unless the theme was nature or something similar. But no matter the occasion, including plants in the design adds to the visual spectacle.


For your next event, here are some popular plants to choose from:



Foxtail Palm


This Australian native is a visual delight. With lush tropical foliage, this plant will certainly draw the eye when used as a design element for an event. While this plant looks best when surrounded by other tropical plants and shrubs, it can stand perfectly alone as a focal point, especially when surrounded by non-tropical flowers.


Other than being an arresting visual, there are other reasons for renting a foxtail palm for your event. One, it can be used as a framing element. For instance, it can be used on a stage-like area. Of course, one of the most obvious reasons to rent this kind of plant is for a tropical-themed event.



Janet Craig


If you’re looking for the best from an indoor event plant rental service, you couldn’t go wrong with a Janet Craig. They have become popular choices for indoor plants given how they can survive in low light environments. These plants typically reach 15 feet in height, but the indoor varieties are much smaller.


The long, dark green leaves of the Janet Craig make them an attractive indoor plant. But that’s not the only reason for their popularity: having one indoors can improve air quality – something you would definitely want when there are lots of people around. The Janet Craig is mostly used as a floor plant.


Peace Lily


Event plants shouldn’t all be in every shade of green available. There are plants like lilies that sprout colored flowers, which can be an added attraction at your event. While the Janet Craig works best when set on the floor, this one makes a table setting much more interesting.


Although it looks great on top of a table, whether as a centerpiece or part of a grander design, there’s no stopping you from wanting to use this as a floor plant as well. It can fit right in with the other plants around it.


Weeping Fig


This is a very common indoor plant around the world. But you’ll also find them outdoors, especially in places with warmer climates. So this plant will work perfectly well whether you’re planning an event indoors or outdoors.


The Weeping Fig can be used to adorn walkways, the entrance, or even the side of the table. With its lovely dark green leaves, this plant will certainly demand to be looked at.


White Bird of Paradise


You may have heard of Birds of Paradise by watching nature documentaries. But that particular species flies; this one makes a great floor plant. While it does require lots of light, its large leaves make for one dramatic showcase.


Plants can add visual delight to any event, be it held indoors or outdoors. They can also be mixed and matched for a more stunning effect. Take advantage of our event plant rental service today at Green Thumb Interior.


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