Why Do Biophilic Buildings make Better Convention Centers?

Conventions are events that help a group with a common interest (it can be in the form of a profession, hobby, business, or even faith) to meet up, bond, and discuss important aspects of that certain interest. These type of events are usually held in convention centers that are specifically built to house and host them. Biophilic design and convention center plant rental is quickly attracting more and more group conventions.


A convention center could just be a square, sheltered building that can house a decent gathering of people, but if you want to have an effective and memorable convention then you need to carefully decide which convention center to peruse.


One of the more recent designs that are being used for newer buildings including convention centers is called the ‘Biophilic’ design. This architectural framework is perfect for convention centers since it peruses the natural elements that help rediscover the connection between humans and plants in a subtle but impactful way through the way the building is built.


How do you know if a building is biophilic in design?

There are some obvious telltales that you can look for in order to find out. The most common design would include living green walls. A living green wall is a wall made up of or enhanced with a vertical garden. This concept is used to eliminate the ugliness or dryness of a plain white or grey wall that can be a mood downer.


Another important feature of a biophilic convention center is that you will often find that it peruses transparent ceilings and roofs a lot in order to minimize reliance on electricity and more of the natural light and energy provided by the sun. These transparent parts of the building may also entail a beautiful view of nature, which is the point of biophilic design.


How to turn a traditional convention center to a biophilic one?

Why would you want to have a biophilic convention? Studies have shown that humans think and perform better when in and around nature. Having plants around will have a positive effect on the success of your convention thus holding it in a biophilic setting with convention center plant rental could be a great investment.


If you find yourself a traditional building you can always take advantage of convention center plant rental businesses to help you in transforming the venue to become a more biophilic one. There are many ways to accomplish this and although it may not be a total transformation but it can certainly do the trick. Just be sure that you find the right convention center plant rental provider that knows which plants to use and which designs to assimilate.


Why is a biophilic design important?

Apart from the simple fact that it is beautiful to have a wall of living plants as opposed to having a dull grey wall, having plants in a building will promote an overall sense of comfort. This can partly be due to the plants giving off oxygen which is literally the life source of all animals. And since there is more oxygen in a biophilic building, people are able to think better as well as feel better.


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