8 Benefits You’ll Enjoy When You Have Office Plants

If you own or manage an office-based business, you’re probably wondering if you should get an office plant service. After all, plants aren’t really integral to your day-to-day operations, right? While this might be the case, you have to realize that decorating your premises with real, live flowers, shrubs, and even palm trees actually has several benefits. We’ve listed some of them below:


Make your office more attractive

Paintings, wall art, and decorative furniture are not the only things that can make your office look more beautiful and welcoming. Plants, especially blooming ones, also add color and texture to your space and make it even more welcoming. The good news is that they’re not so expensive. This way you won’t have to spend a fortune to brighten up your office.


Impress your clients

Plants create a warm and pleasant atmosphere in your office and make it more welcoming. It’s an excellent way to show your target market that you’re a professional and reliable company.


Reduce air pollutants

Studies have found out that certain plants can remove pollutants from the air and make indoor air much cleaner. One example is garden mums, which remove xylene, benzene, ammonia, and formaldehyde from the air. As a bonus, have adorable flowers and eye-catching colors. Spider plants, meanwhile, remove xylene and formaldehyde — plus they’re easy to grow and don’t require a lot of maintenance.


Lower noise levels

Even if you have a rule that everyone should be silent during work hours, you can’t always remove background noise. The whine of printers, the typing on keyboards, and the hum of your air conditioning unit— all of these contribute to ambient noise. Fortunately, an office plant service can get you plants that reduce noise levels by up to five decibels. This can prevent your employees from getting distracted and help them focus on what they’re doing.


Increase creativity

Experts from the University of Exeter found out that having houseplants in an office can boost creativity by around 45 percent. Fortunately, this is helpful especially if your business is in creative pursuits like content writing, graphic design, and interior design.


Improve employee health

Air pollutants can trigger allergies in your employees or even cause them to develop respiratory problems and other illnesses. By removing these pollutants using office plants and other means, you’ll help your staff avoid diseases and stay healthy all year long.


Create a more productive workplace

A 2014 study found out that adding houseplants to an office helps employees gain a 15 percent increase in productivity. This isn’t really surprising since lower noise, minimal air pollutants, and a brighter atmosphere can all help create an office that promotes productivity and efficiency. Fortunately, this allows your employees to have better performance in their jobs and raises your business productivity as a whole.


Boost employee satisfaction

What do you get when you make your office healthier and more conducive to creativity and productivity? You get employees who are happier and more satisfied with their jobs and are more likely to stay with your company. This helps reduce staff turnover rates and even boost your company’s reputation.



These are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you decorate your office with live plants. If you decide to take this step, get in touch with Green Thumb Interiors. Through our professional office plant service, we’ll help you choose the right plants for your space and supply them for you. We’ll also take care of maintenance as well as removal and replacement, so you won’t need to lift a finger to keep your office plants in great shape.



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