Plants in Your Office Make Productive, Healthy Employees

Looking for ways to bring life and nature into your office? Then you should add plants all around. Studies show that interior plants not only add visual appeal but also bring health benefits to the people within the office. It provides a pleasurable and tranquil environment, helping reduce stress. Some plants can even increase productivity, improve indoor air quality, and lower background noise. For these reasons alone, office plant leasing benefits become clear, but we’ll get into more of them further.

To help save on overhead costs, take advantage of our office plant leasing Orlando. There’s no need to pay for plants at full price and you also have the option to switch to other species at any point of your lease contract.

Once you have all the plants you need, don’t just put them in the corner. They can double as decorations, after all.


Make wall art out of plants

Place plants in decorative pots or other creative alternatives, such as a wall hanging made of wood, and then hang them on walls. Doing so is the most organic way to decorate an empty wall and liven up space.


Use potted plants in a unique way

Instead of the usual pots, place air plants in shells and hang them upside down. Imagine the kind of image they create, like jellyfish out of the sea and right into your office. You can also experiment with other ideas for pots, such as a clear bowl or a 3-dimensional diamond shape made of copper tubes.

You can also place air in small conch shells and place them on every desk to give each employee a burst of good health and energy.


Bring driftwood back to life

Driftwood may belong to the shores or in the dump, but if you use it as a pot for plants, it can have a completely new purpose. Plants coming out of different parts of a driftwood create a stunning piece worthy of a spot in an art gallery.


Create a vertical garden

Instead of hanging a wall art or a painting in your office, why not add a vertical garden instead? You can use air plants, which is low maintenance, or some other types of plants. Some of the plants known to boost productivity include Golden Pothos, Lemon Balm, Philodendron, Peace Lily, and Spider Plant. Find out if you can use any of them for your vertical garden and get started on this project.


Make a terrarium for a centerpiece

Never let it be said that plants only grow in wide open spaces. They can thrive in glass bowls, bottles, and other containers too. With just a bit of sand, small rocks, and a few selection of plants, you can have your own landscaped yard in a box or glass. Set it up next to a tabletop Zen garden and you can keep stress at bay.


With a bit of imagination and help for office plant leasing Orlando, we can bring nature into your office which give a whole host of benefits. Who doesn’t want that?


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