Keep Your Office Cool With Plants That Can Make Wonders

It is important to keep your office cool during the summer months, especially in Florida. Most offices have some form of air conditioning, and in most cases that is enough. However, there are some experts that suggest some plants do have cooling factors. So if you don’t have A/C or you’re just looking for short term plant rental in Orlando for your office, we’ll suggest some that may be able to keep you and your office feeling cooler.


One of the characteristics of houseplants is that they keep the environment cool by releasing moisture constantly. As they do this, it can drop down the temperature by up to ten degrees.


Plants can also save enough energy during the winter months. This is because they can have an opposite effect by increasing humidity levels in your surroundings. If you live in Orlando, Green Thumb Interiors is your short term plant rental Orlando and we’ll cater to your needs.


Here are some of the plants that you should have around your office:


  1. Aloe Vera

If you want to cool down the air temperature inside your office, an aloe vera plant can be a potent solution. Aside from having the qualities to heal sunburns, it can also be effective at removing air pollutants such as formaldehyde.


  1. Ficus Tree

This tree is also known as the weeping fig. Aside from reducing air pollution, it can also improve the quality of the air inside the office. This will also keep the air temperature cool.


  1. Areca Palm Tree

This type of plant is popularly set in the living room, as it is a decorative house plant. However, it is not only a décor but also a natural humidifier and it naturally cools off your office. Moreover, it can remove benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde from the air.


  1. Fern

If you are a plant lover, you may already have this type of plant around your home. It is actually great at humidifying the air around you, as it keeps the air temperature cool in your office too. It can also clean out formaldehyde from the air, just like aloe vera. According to NASA scientists, fern is among the most effective air-purifying plants that you can have around your home or office.


  1. Golden Pothos

Just like the other plants mentioned here, the golden pothos is one that can also keep your air purified and cool. The good thing about this plant is that you don’t need to take care of it as much, as it requires little care as well as little light, perfect for the office.


  1. Snake Plant

One of the plants recommended by NASA scientists is the snake plant. According to them, it is able to purify the air, as it gives off oxygen at night. As a result, this can keep your office cool because it can also absorb a huge number of toxins around you.


Lots of houseplants can be added to your home or office, not only for beautification but also for humidification. We can provide short term plant rental Orlando that should potentially beat the heat this summer.


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