Setting up your Home’s Christmas Decor Soon? Discover Unique Christmas Decorating Styles All Over the World!

It’s always a delight to take part in preparing for the holiday decorating cheer. Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s about time you bring the spirit of the season home! With that in mind, Green Thumb Interiors is ready to help you get started with Christmas decorating in Orlando!



Before getting on with your holiday decorating plans, we think it’d be fun to be familiar with different Christmas decorating styles from various parts of the globe. With many countries celebrating the holidays all over the world, it’s not surprising to see unique designs from different countries.



Snow-dusted pine trees, fairy lights, and glittering ornaments may be a staple for many–that much is true. However, eccentric and unique Christmas decoration ideas also fill the homes of many households from various cultures.



If you’re looking for a unique Christmas theme or holiday decorating ideas this year, you might like some of the different Christmas decoration ideas seen around the world!




Greece: Christmas Boats


Based on Greece’s nautical history, there is an old thematic tradition called Karavaki or “The Christmas Ship.” Seamen would come home after a long nautical journey and bring small decorative ships for their wives.



Today, beautifully-lit Christmas boats fill the streets of Greece as if they’re Christmas trees. If you or someone in your family loves the sea or enjoys sailing, this is a perfect Christmas decoration theme for you!



USA: Christmas Pickle


While it’s still a little bit unclear how the Christmas pickle tradition originated, one thing is for sure: the way this one works is the first child who finds the hidden glass pickle ornament within the family’s Christmas tree will be rewarded by Saint Nicholas.



If everyone in the family loves a good challenge, this is a great idea to engage each member especially the little ones through this fun and unique tradition!




Ukraine: Cobwebbed Christmas Ornaments


This may sound spooky to some but for families in Ukraine, hanging cobweb Christmas ornaments on their Christmas trees comes from a very heartwarming tradition. According to Eastern European folklore, there was a penniless widow who found a pine tree growing in her hut.



Because they were too poor to even decorate the tree, the family just decided to go to bed during Christmas Eve. The morning after, they discovered that their tree was adorned with cobwebs that turned into silver and gold and with that, the family lived prosperously.




Oaxaca, Mexico: La Noche de Rabanos


Every 23rd of December, the Mexican state of Oaxaca celebrates La Noche de Rabanos or The Night of the Radishes. A holiday tradition that’s been in existence since 1897, the city would hold a Christmas market that lets talented wood carvers sell their creations.



With its popularity, the farmers decided to attract shoppers and tourists by carving figurines out of their produce. With its roaring success, thousands of participants dedicate their efforts to grow special radishes just for the competition.




Start Spreading the Christmas Cheer


Wherever it may be, Christmas is undoubtedly widely celebrated all over the world. Therefore, it’s definitely worth it for families to carry on Christmas traditions in celebrating the holiday cheer. If you’re thinking of starting a tradition with Christmas decorating in Orlando, then let Green Thumb Interiors help you and join in on the fun!




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