Christmas Decorating Trends that Will Be a Hit this Holiday Season

Christmas decorating is something a lot of folks look forward to every year. In today’s trying times, it is more important than ever to bring back a little bit of normalcy, which can be easily done by picking back up that holiday tradition fun.

This pandemic will certainly change the way we celebrate Christmas, but this will not stop us from transforming our homes through twinkling lights, colorful Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, candy canes, angels, reindeers, and so much more.

Before reading this through, it might be a good idea to pull out all those decoration boxes you’ve got stored away so you know exactly what items are going to be a hit or miss this season for Christmas Decorating.


Recycled materials


This year, Christmas presents will be wrapped in eco-friendly and budget-friendly fabrics. Gift giving is a lot more fun knowing you have exerted extra effort to make it more beautiful and at the same time protecting the environment. Gifts for families and friends will be more meaningful.




  • You can also repurpose old Christmas ornaments this year. Incorporate old decorations with some DIY flare to give your already purchased item’s a whole new look. Enhance your creative skills, get the rest of the family members involved, and bond with your family by creating cheap yet trendy décor items.


Navy Blue, Platinum, Turquoise


These are the color inspirations that you can try at home to create that magical atmosphere. Decorating your homes with these colors will add both elegance and a light feeling to your space.

Another positive is that these luxurious colors create an illusion of a bigger space making it the ideal choices for those with smaller homes. Mix and match the main color of your choice with complimentary accent colors for a cozier and more welcoming abode.


Christmas card display


Another inexpensive Christmas decorating idea is to use old or hand-made Christmas cards to brighten up your wall. Got an empty side table or some free wall space? Grab a frame of your choice and fill it with an old card collage!




  • Have nieces, nephews, grandkids, or children of your own? Take all those homemade holiday arts and crafts and create a display area in your home! This money-free accent will help bring the warm feeling of family and close friends right back into your home while still adhering to those social distancing guidelines.


Minimalist designs


Minimalist decoration and design will never go out of style. For this option, you can always stick to the classic accent colors gold, silver, white, and bronze. Indulge in a simply designed Christmas tree accentuated with small twinkle lights and round ornaments.




Create an eco-forward fairy tale by decorating with tons of lovely flowers. Forget about balls, angels, and other ornaments because flowers will be enough to highlight the beauty of your tree and tabletops.

Florists can give you recommendations on how to keep your flowers fresh for longer periods of time.




  • Another great option is using dried flowers! These can be a fun DIY project or bought at your local florist! They’ll add that unique touch to your holiday home.


Christmas decorating your homes according to your preference, mood, trend, or a combination of any will make the occasion more memorable. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still so much to be grateful about and that includes being able to witness another year of festive activity with friends and family.