The Benefits of Office Indoor Plants and the Best Way to Get Them

If the bedroom is your personal sanctum for rest and relaxation, then your office should be the spot that inspires you to be productive. With COVID-19 now a global pandemic, the area where you work should be a place that helps sustain good mental and physical health. Bringing indoor plants to your workspace is an easy and affordable way to spruce it up. All while enabling workers to stay calm and positive in the face of looming deadlines.


Why ‘Green is Good’ at Work

Obviously it’s more than just aesthetics (although a stylish and nature-inspired office is not so bad either). Being surrounded by greenery and lush blooms can clean the air and clear the brain.

There are also a handful of scientific studies pointing to the pros of having potted plants on everyone’s desk.


Increased Satisfaction

A 2014 study conducted on the long term effects of office plants by researchers in Australia, the Netherlands and the UK discovered that “greenery significantly increases workplace satisfaction in employees, heightens self-reported concentration levels, and improves perceived air quality.”


Stress Reduction and Pain Tolerance

An extensive literature review to determine the link between indoor plants and stress reduction also yielded positive results. According to the report published by Kaitlyn Gillis and Birgitta Gatersleben of the UK’s University of Sussex, “Plants have the ability to directly bring green, living nature into the indoor environment…Psychological studies have demonstrated the health and wellbeing benefits of placing plants inside.”


‘Replenish’ Attention Capacity

University of Michigan researchers say that “adding natural environments can help “replenish our capacity for attention and focus” to counteract the “dramatic stimuli” present in urban environments.


Renting over buying

The allure of a bunch of blossoming Amaryllis on a dainty flowerpot.

The tropical vibe emitted by the Areca Palm Tree’s lush foliage.

Both make wonderful additions to any corner cubicle. However, it’s worth noting that these plants and all the others need to be well cared for. You need to buy containers, feed, as well as water systems. Those items alone can be costly. Then you have to factor in the effort of setting up everything and maintenance.

Thinking this way, you’ll see why short term plant rental makes sense. Here are the specific advantages of this option over buying indoor plants yourself.


Easier on the wallet

As mentioned earlier, leasing plants eliminates the often expensive initial costs that come with buying a variety of indoor plants. You boost the aesthetic value of your workspace while staying in line with your interior decor budget.


Change it up

There’s permanency that comes with plant ownership. The ability to cultivate greenery they purchased themselves is the reason why ‘green thumbs’ opt to buy plants. However, this doesn’t hold true in an office setting. The people there want the beneficial effects of plants but don’t have the time, skill, or interest to take care of them.

Mixing things up is a great way to keep the office looking fresh. That said, employing a short term plant rental service makes more sense. You have the option to change plants throughout the year and have the support of professionals who can look after your chosen blooms and bushes.


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