A Beginner’s Guide to Plants that Thrive in an Office With No Windows

Everyone is all about plants these days, and why not? Adding plants is one of the easiest—and cheapest—ways to bring more life to any space and you have a lot of varieties to choose from.

Plants are especially important for the office where there’s a lot of stress and pressure in the air. Even if you have a small space, having plants around can already add color to your office and even help with making your team more productive.

Now if you’re one of those people who have an office with no windows, here are the best plants to order from your favorite company plant service:



Here’s the thing: it’s almost impossible to kill succulents. This is why they’re highly recommended for those who are just starting out with plants or for spaces without any direct source of sunlight.

Succulents come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. They’re also much easier to maintain and can survive without sunlight and water for a long time. You can even use artificial light and they’ll do just fine.

Make sure to ask your company plant service to know exactly how to take care of the succulents you choose to have in your office.


ZZ plant

There are so many reasons to love this plant for your office. It’s beautiful with its small and shiny leaves, it works well with any design and yes, it hates direct sunlight.

The ZZ plant is a favorite of interior designers because of how it can thrive indoors without demanding constant maintenance.

In fact, you can’t put the ZZ plant in direct sunlight because its leaves will burn. Put your ZZ plant in a corner in your office with low light, water it every few days and it will look beautiful each day.


Peace lily

The peace lily is another perfect addition to any office space because of its beautiful leaves and solitary white flower petal also known as its leaf bract. Peace lilies hate direct sunlight so you can put them in a low-light area in the office and watch them up to 24 inches high.

If you see that the leaf of your peace lily is starting to turn brown or if its leaf bract hasn’t developed yet, it could be a sign that it’s getting too much light from your fluorescent lighting in the office.

Peace lilies are not only excellent décor but they also help purify the air, which is good for your health.



Finally, if you’re going for a tropical vibe, the philodendron is the perfect plant for your office. It has large beautiful leaves that will make any space look more appealing.

The philodendron is especially ideal for large spaces and it doesn’t need as much sunlight so you don’t have to keep bringing them out.

When choosing a spot for your philodendron, keep in mind that it can grow up to three feet and its width can reach six feet.


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