Event Plant Rental in Orlando: Questions to Ask Yourself First

Decorating a venue for any occasion is much easier with event plant rental in Orlando that residents highly recommend. With fully grown plants in many varieties readily available as decoration, you skip the tedious part of growing them yourselves and jump right through to putting them to good use.


But with all the plants to choose from, knowing which ones suit a particular venue or event is quite a challenge. This is where providers of event plant rental Orlando have come into play.


Before you buy or rent event plants, you should ask yourself the right questions.



What do you need event plants for and for what reason?


Event plants are more than just decorative pieces. They also enhance the brand narrative, liven up space, soften modern interiors, or live up to a specific theme, such as a field of flowers or a verdant countryside.


For instance, a company who wants to showcase their environmental and social responsibility can create an interior garden with blooming and vibrant plants.


A brand that wishes to give their clients an authentic experience of the vineyards of Italy, for example, can recreate the scene through plants.



How many plants do you need?


Always focus on maximizing your plant footprint rather than on how many you can rent based on your budget. Similar to spacing plants to maximize growth, you should know where to place plants to get optimum benefits.


In any venue, there are priority spots that event planners consider. When it comes to decorating with plants, priority places are the entrance, windows, the table (centerpieces) and the hallways.


Make sure to add the right plants in these areas for maximum effect.



How much is your budget?


Your answer will determine the number of plants you can use for event decoration. Take note that the fees for event plant rental Orlando providers offer are roughly half the price of what you’ll pay for if you buy them.


Here are some prices of rental plants:


  • Palm trees tropicals or evergreens = starts at $45 to $395, depending on the height.
  • Wood square planters = ranges between $95 and $195, depending on the size.
  • Cylinder planters = ranges between $25 and $35 depending on the style. Some are more decorative than others.


As for plants placed in a wooden basket, you won’t have to pay anything on top of the rental cost.



Where are the plants going to be placed and what are the logistics involved?


Just like when you have a product shipped or delivered to a specific location, the distance and manner of delivery will impact the overall cost.


So, before you contact a vendor of event plant rental in Orlando, you must find out if:


The rules of the venue would demand extra effort from the supplier. For instance, it might need a Certificate of Insurance before any delivery is made.


The venue is on the ground floor or a different floor. If the plants need to be set up at the rooftop, is there an elevator available or do the delivery guys need to take the stairs?


The schedule to load in and load out rental plants. Done during normal business hours is the best and most affordable option. But some events may require rental plants to be delivered in the wee hours of the morning or during the weekends.


Now that you know what to do, contact Green Thumb Interior for event plant rental in Orlando today.



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