Freshen Up Quarter Three with New Office Plants | Plant Service Orlando

A drub work environment plus repetitive tasks can make office life pretty boring. Coming to work with the same view and staring into your computer screens can be a drag.

Adding greenery to your office can bring numerous benefits. Apart from enhanced aesthetics, these advantages include improved mood, productivity, and heightened engagement. Fortunately, care and attention for these office plants can be handled by professionals like plant service Orlando.

Transform your office into an inviting workplace. Welcome the third quarter of the year by converting your cubicles and work desks into a space of calm, creativity, and productivity.

Three Reasons Your Offices Need a Plant Service | Orlando

Research reveals that adding plants to your office offers several advantages emotionally, mentally, and physically. Studies concluded that office plants can alleviate allergy symptoms and helps office workers feel less tired.

Now that most jobs are transitioning back to office set-up after 2 years of working from home, plants can inspire and motivate employees.  In addition, plants can make a more relaxed and homey feel making people feel better about leaving work from home life.

With the world slowly adapting to the new normal, it won’t be too much to bring positivity and energy people to have at home into office space through plant service Orlando.

Greenery can add a refreshing touch to the dullness of office walls and file cabinets. Green represents rebirth, growth, and taking action. When you see greenery inside the office regularly, it evokes feelings of calmness and visual balance boosting creativity.

Lastly, plants can make your office environment welcoming and relaxing. If your organization regularly holds meetings in your office or invites clients for business events, plants can leave a positive and lasting impression on your clients. Walking into your office with plants that complement your office furnishings will give your clients the impression of what you are capable of.  Remember that first impression matters.

Great Plants for the Work Environment

Plant service Orlando can help liven up your offices with these plants that are easy to care for.


Pothos or Devil’s Ivy is easy to care for and can tolerate the darkest or the brightest corners of your offices. You do not need to be a green thumb as this plant needs less care. Water the plant at least once a week or when the leaves appear droopy.

Snake Plants

Snake plants remove air toxins that are beneficial for people with airborne allergies. Besides, snake plants will thrive even with less maintenance.

Peace Lily

The big and lush leaves of Peace Lily will bring that tropical vibe to your office.  It also signifies prosperity and peace, something that we all want to achieve in life.

ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia is an air purifier with wide and attractive shiny leaves. It is also low maintenance and can tolerate low light. In Feng Shui, this plant is used to block negative energy and is also associated with luck and fortune.

Get in touch with plant service Orlando, like Green Thumb Interior, to help you with your indoor plants and office transformation needs.

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