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Summer has always been associated with outdoor activities and fun holiday trips. It means longer and warmer days. But for the corporate world, summer is an opportunity to incorporate summer greenery for a unique event to remember.

To make a lasting impression on your guests without lifting a finger, short term plant rental Orlando can help. Seasonal blooms and plants make the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable corporate event.

Benefits of Plants in the Corporate World

Are you moving to a different location or thinking of updating your corporate headquarters? Do not forget to incorporate indoor plants into your office design. The idea will not only transform the ordinary walls and corners of your workspaces but also deliver positive results for your organization and employees.

Successful companies like Amazon and Apple transformed their workspaces into an urban oasis. In the middle of Seattle, employees are surrounded by thousands of plants from different countries while almost 9,000 trees for Apple’s campus in Silicon Valley.

Plants supplied by short term plant rental Orlando do not only improve the aesthetics of your office. Flowers and greenery improve employee satisfaction and boost productivity.

Adding plants to corporate spaces, according to a 2014 study conducted by Australians, Dutch, and Brits concluded that office plants increase workplace happiness, heighten concentration levels, and improve air quality.

The researchers examined three office environments and found out that office plants also boost productivity by 15% because of a more enjoyable and comfortable working environment.

Likewise, indoor plants are also identified as great stress relievers because of the feeling of being connected with nature. Natural elements like plants have calming effects which help combat stress and boost mental health.

Best Plants for Your Short-Term Plant Rental Orlando

Work with short-term plant rental Orlando, your next corporate event will be one to remember.

So, here are some of our recommendations on indoor plants for your next corporate event.

ZZ Plant

Plant lovers or not will love Zamioculus zamifolia because it is easy to care for. The plant requires minimal care and will grow even with minimal water and low light. Also, the thick green leaves look beautiful against a white backdrop.

White Bird of Paradise

The large leaves of this stunning plant create that feeling of being in Eden. You can place this plant in your conference room, hallways, or anywhere with plenty of light for a grand, green, and beautiful look.

Weeping Fig

Weeping fig or Ficus Benjamina is the perfect plant of choice to accentuate tableside, hallways, or entrances. This elegant plant can brighten up any spot or even the unnoticed corners. Easy to care for because of its tolerance to limited light, the weeping fig plant will always bring happiness to your eyes.

So, for your next corporate event, do not limit your design ideas to a common concept. Get in touch with short term plant rental Orlando like Green Thumb Interior today.

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