Spruce Up Your Offices This Summer with a Company Plant Service | Orlando

Summer comes with fun activities, lounging in the sun, and vibrant colors. It also means longer days and hotter temperatures which can be difficult for employees.

But offices can be brightened and transformed to boost productivity. Other than office layout and equipment, flowers and plants can convert your offices into a place that better motivates employees.

Bring Summer Indoors

Humans have a natural love for nature. A reputable company plant service Orlando can help your organization enjoy the touch of greenery in the workspace.

Oftentimes employees feel uninterested and unproductive when confined for long hours without connection to the outdoors. With the help of Green Thumb Interior, you will notice positive changes in your employees’ productivity and behavior. Also, plants improve air quality.

Studies confirm that adding indoor plants has major benefits for both the business and employees. In a 2010 study conducted by the University of Technology, Sydney, stress levels among workers were reduced when plants were introduced in the workplace.

Decorating offices with greenery or colors of green can have calming effects, promoting performance and enhanced well-being.

In addition, increasing focus increases productivity. Research conducted by the University of Exeter also concluded that placing 1 plant per square meter shows significant improvement in memory retention.

Another notable impact of indoor summer blooms and greenery is a boost in well-being scores and a reduced risk of sick building syndrome.

Another study by the University of Norway back in the 1990s concluded that indoor plants in workplaces decrease symptoms of fatigue, ill health, and eye and nose irritation. With these positive impacts, absenteeism due to sickness is less likely to occur.

The expertise of company plant service Orlando does not only provide major benefits to employers and employees but also to the workplace. Nature-themed designs can be crucial deciding factors for prospective employees to join your organization.

Indoor plants and summer blooms make workplaces more attractive while improving air quality and reducing noise levels. Well-thought selection of indoor plants and strategically placing the pots in corners and edges can help reduce noise pollution. Employees are spared from the distracting effects of background noise leading to augmented focus and productivity.

Why You Need a Company Plant Service in Orlando

Utilizing a company plant service in Orlando will give an organization of any size numerous benefits.

Green Thumb will work with you from day one to provide a detailed plan that fits your need and budget. Renting plants gives you more options to achieve the summery look you want that complements the office design.

Since plants are seasonal, a company plant service in Orlando will supply you with plants best suited for specific seasons.

Experts know how to find and give the best plant solutions for you. Give Green Thumb Interior a call to brighten up or add spark to your workspaces.

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