How Using An Office Plant Service Orlando Can Promote Happiness In The Workplace

According to recent studies, hot weather decreases productivity. Hot weather is linked to lower production and economic output. Regardless of what type of business you are in when the temperature gets hot, employees find it difficult to work.

During the summer months, dealing with hotter temperatures and the urge to be outdoors can make office life seem dull. A great way to liven the office up and promote a better work ethic is by adding some indoor plants. Rental plant services, like Green Thumb Interior, make office plants easy. Still unsure of how office plants benefit the workday? See our list below!

Benefits of Having Plants in Offices

  1. Green plants indoor are the perfect solutions to cleaning the air while increasing oxygen levels. Reducing volatile organic compounds or VOCs while increasing oxygen, positive moods will enhance. The air quality will directly impact the health and performance of employees.


  1. Bringing in some green in your workspaces can reduce stress levels without breaking the bank. Hire the services of an experienced office plant service Orlando for recommendations on what to plant to use in every square meter. Workers will have something to look forward to every day knowing that the workplace offers calming environment.



  1. According to a study by the University of Exeter, employee’s productivity increases to 15% when work environments have plants. Seeing a plant from their work stations improved memory retention at the same time making them happy and more productive.


  1. The presence of plants in work environments results in positive results towards the employees’ well-being. Green is the most calming color, promoting a considerable difference in mood.


So, when you think of the flowers, greens, and all the beautiful things about nature, an office plant service Orlando can help you come up with fitting solutions to your needs.


Professional plant rental services not only have an impressive collection of plants but the expertise on what plants will be the right fit. With plant rental, you can change your workspace plants according to season.

Whether you work from home or in-office, plants will keep the environment soothing, inviting, and lively.

Not everyone has a green thumb. It is always best to commission the services of the experts through their plant rental services.

Plant rentals for your office are not only budget-friendly and allow for the beauty of plants – minus the maintenance.

For help with filling your office with greenery, an office plant service Orlando will do the job for you.

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