Plant Leasing in 2021: What Plants Can You Look Forward to in the New Year?

This year may have been uneventful in a lot of ways, but for many, it also created a newfound interest and appreciation for plants. Being at home, collecting plants became your hobby and as a new year begins, you want to expand your collection through plant leasing and add more beautiful plants and flowers to your space.


The question is: what plants can you look forward to at the beginning of the year?



True to its name, snowdrop is one of the most beautiful blooms that grow during the winter months.


Although some varieties produce flowers during the spring or late autumn, most snowdrops begin to blossom in January and their flowers resemble that of snow that can easily make a ground look like it’s covered with snow if grown in a field.

Sweet pea

If you want your home to smell like a spa or hotel, then you should include sweet pea in your plant leasing list. This beautiful flower can climb as high as 10 feet and it blooms fully during the cooler months.


Sweet pea flowers are commonly used in perfumes because of its sweet scent that make a space feel cozy and fresh.




Pansies are easy to maintain and very elegant to look at. These flowers come in a variety of colors including pink, purple, white and yellow, and they are a favorite for plant leasing during the winter months because they can easily survive even the harshest weather. You just need to make sure that they have acidic soil to grow fast and fractional sunlight to keep them going.


Witch Hazel


Witch hazel blooms from January until March or April and you’ll easily know because this shrub produces beautiful yellow or orange flowers that can make your garden smell sweet and fresh. But more than its beauty, witch hazel is also known for its medicinal benefits, which is why it’s used in different medicines and even beauty and skincare products.


Winter Iris


The winter iris flower blooms throughout winter and they are distinct because of their fresh, lemony-vanilla fragrance that could make any space feel more vibrant even during the cooler months.


Winter iris comes in colors of white, lilac and deep blue, and they can give you the best blooms as long as you give them enough sunlight during the summer and a well-drained soil to keep them from dying.


Plants really give a different kind of joy when you see them bloom and grow. Whether you prefer more exotic flowers or you just want simpler ones, the best part is that you can already go with plant leasing where you can choose from a wide range of flowers to add to your space.


As a plant owner, it’s also essential to learn how to grow and maintain your plants properly so you can get the best blooms from them. Aside from giving them enough sunlight, soil and water, you should ask your plant leasing company some tricks to keep them thriving no matter what the season.


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