Why Every Job Should Be Investing in an Office Plant Service this Year

There is more than just one reason why offices need to invest in an office plant service in 2021. If you are working in an office or managing a firm, here are some of the important aspects of cultivating indoor plants.


Why invest in interior plants?


Needless to say, businesses can take advantage of the natural beauty of certain plants aside from the overall well-being of their employees. Since Americans spend up to 90% of their time in offices, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, incorporating plant life in such environments can return some physical and psychological benefits.


What are potential benefits of interior plants?


More often than not, the use of interior plants in the workplace can lead to a happier and healthier workforce, not to mention being more productive in the process. In addition, it can provide the customers and the workers alike a visually-enhanced perception of the work space.


Interior plants can reduce levels of stress


There are many studies that prove indoor plants are able to reduce stress levels particularly in work environments. In fact, it was found that those who are exposed to indoor plants have lower blood pressure levels compared to those  without them.


Interior plants can clean the air


Oftentimes, air inside modern office buildings is sealed off. That said, it can contain up to 10 times more pollutants in comparison to air outside offices. So, there are many toxic culprits commonly found in the office, including carbon monoxide, chemical cleaning agents, dust mites, and formaldehyde.


Indoor plants are able to keep the air as clean as possible with its ability to remove harmful pollutants. Moreover, they can stabilize the levels of humidity and reduce the symptoms of the sick building syndrome.


Interior plants can reduce levels of noise


One of the characteristics of plants is the ability to reduce the levels of noise pollution from the interstates and highways. Similarly, indoor plants are able to change the workplace room acoustics in its reduction of reverberation time.


Thus, plants placed in hard surfaces can effectively absorb noises that distract and hurt the productivity of the employees.


What AN office plant service can do?


Hiring an office plant service can enhance the appearance of your workplace in no time. They are specialists trained on how to properly take good care of your indoor plants. As a result, your plants will look beautiful, healthy, and vibrant every single day.


An office plant service will provide the following benefits if you put your trust in them:


  • Plant rental service process – This will help you transform your dreams of having a greenspace into a reality. Even with a limited budget, you can engage in a plant rental service instead of buying expensive plants.


  • Artificial office plants – Since not all plants thrive in a particular office space, you can opt for artificial plants instead.


The office plant services provided by professionals at Green Thumb Interior are always up to speed with the latest trends and knowledge of the plant world. Click here to contact us today and get your plant needs fulfilled!

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