Plants for the Spring Season for Plant Service in Orlando, Florida

Keeping plants looking alive and healthy requires experience, knowledge, and skills. And for plants to keep looking their best, they should be properly watered, cleaned, pruned, and fed. Having a reliable person to do plant service in Orlando, and anywhere, gives you the assurance that will look healthy, beautiful, and will bloom every day given the attention it provides to every detail of each plant.

A good service provider does not only take care of your plants but also hands in information about the blooming plants for every season. Along with passion, high skills, and years of experience, knowing the appropriate blooms of the season will convert your goals and expectations into a real beauty; brighten your garden.

Spring Blooming Plants

Here are some of the spring blooming flowers that you can acquire if you want to add color and vibrance to your office or home. Choose from several beautiful plants to make your garden or greenspace dreams come true.


Seeing daffodils bloom is a sign that spring is here. Commonly, daffodils are yellow but other variants are lime-green, white and orange, yellow and orange, yellow and white, and pink colors.

Daffodil has a star-shaped structure and a trumpet-like structure in the middle. Daffodils are associated with hope and rebirth as these are the first perennials to bloom after the frosty and dark winter.


Plant hyacinths in fall just in time and enjoy the fragrant blooms in spring. These beautifully colored bulbs are clustered on sturdy stalks making these perennials also wonderful cut flowers.

Although these flowering plants are ideal for outdoor, hyacinths can be forced indoors However, if you have pets, might as well put hyacinths in elevated spots as there are toxic substance in the flowers and bulbs.


Tulips start to bloom right after the hyacinths are gone. The large flowers in bright colored red, pink, white, yellow, purple, and orange will give you visual pleasure when they are blooming.

Tulips are also considered “annuals” as these are only planted every year. If your plant service provider recommends tulips, you must plant these in pots to avoid rodents from digging.


Seeing crocus poking through the snow is a sign that winter is almost over. This plant comes in a variety of sizes and colors like white, purple, yellow, orange, blue, and pink.

A crocus has grass-like leaves and hardy bulbs that are the rodent’s favorite. And if you are ready to add some crocus in your yard, this blooming plant is very versatile, can adapt to a variety of settings, and not picky about soil type.


“Goodbye, winter, hello, spring” is what you can think of when you see a primrose starting to bloom. Primroses are low-maintenance and available in brilliant colors; pink, deep purple, yellow, white, and more.

This comes in a wide variety so ask your plant service provider to pick a variety that can survive winter.


These annual blooms look great when planted in a border or window box plant. The brightly colored background adds beauty to your outdoor.

Since pansies can thrive in a cold and mild frozen environment, your plant service provider may add these to your list of spring blooming perennials.


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