Celebrate Earth Day with your local short term plant rental and the best spring blooms

Hiring the services of a professional plant leasing company for long- or short-term plant rental options is the best way to go when in the market for a professional and experienced approach to beautify your interiors.

Whether you are looking to enhance your office or home, a plant or flower specialist knows the best bloom appropriate for your environment.

It is important to know if a particular plant will thrive in your designated space. Besides, plant rental gives you the freedom to change different plants according to season.


Why go for a short term plant rental?


Along with specialized skills on how to take care of the plants based on their needs, a plant specialist is also an expert when it comes to giving recommendations on the best blooms to freshen up your space.

Since spring means rebirth, a short-term plant rental service will help you ensure you get the best blooms to embrace the new season.

Reinventing your office or updating your collection of flowers can be done any time of the year. But the start of spring is also a preparation for the annual Earth day celebration.

What better way to celebrate Mother Earth than with spring blooming flowers as recommended by your short-term plant rental specialist.


Spring Blooms to Consider for short term rental



These early spring blooms are classic bulbs and are the first signs that the dreadful winter is over. Its bright yellow color looks like dancing stars in your space with small or large bulbs. A white variety is available if you want to add contrast to your flower bed or pot.



Forsythia’s bright yellow blooms are also the first indicators that spring is here. The compact variety of Forsythia can add beautiful color to your indoor spaces without much care needed. And when the bell-shaped golden flowers fade, the bare Forsythia branches will be a useful backdrop or shade.



These perennial bulbs are available in bright colors such as pink, yellow, red, and even white. Tulips come in a variety of shapes, forms, and sizes. Blossoms can be in single or double, varying from smooth, ruffled, or fringed.

Quick tip: Tulips prefer to be inside a pot!



Add color and fragrance to your environment during the spring season by adding hyacinths to your garden. The cylindrical clustered flowers come in a variety of colors: pink, red, purple, yellow, orange, peach, blue, white, salmon, and lavender.


Lily of the Valley

This classic spring flower is also a favorite of royal brides. Lily of the Valley is native to cool climates and usually blooms early to mid-spring. The delicate and beautiful bell-shaped blooms may have a sweet fragrant but are not friendly when accidentally ingested.

If you’re a history buff, you might know that this bloom is not only known for perfumes and cosmetics but was used as a treatment for skin burns and gas poisoning in World War II.


Being kind to the Earth should not only be practiced once a year, but everyday. There are so many things that you can do to show your appreciation to Mother Nature. Some as easy as taking care of plants and ditching single use plastics.


Consider hiring the services of the short-term rental plant providers at Green Thumb Interior to get the appropriate solution to your needs.

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