5 Situations Where Plant Rental is the Better Choice

One of nature’s greatest masterpieces can help in lightening up the ambiance of any indoor setting. Plants can infinitely improve the mood in any indoor setting as long as the right kinds are used. Luckily, we at Green Thumb Interior Plant Service provide these kinds of plant rental services for those who want to take advantage of the great effect of plants.


  1. Birthdays and Other Important Family Occasions


During special occasions people usually get together in order to reminisce and strengthen bonds between family members. This would include birthdays, weddings, and even family reunions. These intimate occasions can be enhanced with the help of taking advantage of short term plant rental.


Making the most of how plants make the indoors lovelier will help you and your loved ones enjoy the time you spend to connect better in a relaxing atmosphere.



  1. Corporate Events and Purposes


You would not have guessed the kind of effect that plants have in a professional setting. It’s especially amazing when you find the right kind of plant combination.


The office can be transformed into something much more than just a place of work. Plants have the ability to make your work area a place where inspiration and great ideas are born.


Our plant handlers have years of experience in office plant rentals. We can change a dull looking office into a place teeming with life and positive energy.


There are also short term plant rental services for different corporate activities such as company photo-shoots and promotions. It is definitely better than hiring someone to filter a boring background into photos.



  1. Academic Events, Religious Ceremonies, and Community Festivities


Graduations, church ceremonies, and community activities can all do well with a plant rental service like us since we will help you find the perfect types of plants to use for these special events. Such occasions don’t really have a use for permanent plants since decorations will only be for temporary use. Aside from getting that wonderful feel fit for the occasion, you can also get additional savings by renting.



  1. Public Business Events or Trade Shows and Conventions


In these type of settings, the live plants will accentuate where the focus of the participants should be. The plants can provide a natural, but vibrant divider between booths, while giving the venue an overall professional and cleaner ambiance.



  1. Model Homes and Model Units


If you are in the real estate business, then you know that location and presentation are very important to impress clients. Properly presenting model homes is a basic selling point that you should pay attention to.



Using a plant rental service will help you realize the vision you have in mind. In addition, by bringing in live plants, brochures will look all the more attractive for customers. They can see into the future and imagine what it will be like to invest in the property you are selling.


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