4 Low-Maintenance Plants that are Ideal for the Office

The Chinese call it Feng Shui when you bring in plants into your home or office. They believe that plants help deflect the negative energy in the room so that it won’t cause harm to those residing in that room or building. Whatever your belief is, our plant leasing service in Orlando has a goal to make your office better.


Some of the Positive Effects of Having Indoor Plants Around


Utilizing a plant leasing service to place plants indoors will not only make the place look nicer, it will also increase the oxygen levels of the room. This will make the office a bit more breathable, which means the people in the room will be able to think better.


Aside from producing oxygen, some kinds of indoor plants will suck in the toxins that can harm our bodies and minds. This has been proved by no less than NASA, wherein these toxins are pulled from the air by the plants into the roots to be converted into food for that plant.


Plants also have been known to be a noise barrier. It’s all in the leaves being able to absorb vibrations and sounds making for a quieter place. This effect is great for noisy offices, wherein the unnecessary chatter or noise will be masked by the gentle effects of the indoor plants.


Here are Some of the Plants from Our Office Plant Leasing Service:


  1. The Areca Palm

This indoor plant is a great plant to buy or lease for your office. There are many nurseries or plant leasing companies out there that can provide all the Areca palm plants that you need. This plant is perfect to remind you of the tropics and let your mind rest anytime you needs to take a couple minutes for yourself. This plant does not need a ton of watering and can survive well with indirect sunlight.


  1. Succulent Plants

These plant species will remind you of cacti often found in the desert. They put out beautiful flowers and some species even provide you with edible fruit. Succulents also come in different kinds of color and a few can be eaten like the aloe vera, which is rich in vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids. All you have to do is to remove its skin, careful to remove everything but the gel. Succulents require the least amount of attention yet provides you with a healthier environment, just make sure they get some sunlight every day. The small size of some of these succulent plants make them perfect companions for you on your work desk.


  1. Snake Plant

If you want a plant that can serve as a natural green partition, then using the snake plant will help you achieve this feat. The snake plant is another common plant found in nurseries or plant leasing companies (if you want the care to be outsourced). Its leaves can grow upright and tall and a few pots could actually be used as a partition.


  1. Chinese Evergreens

You can easily find this plant at ours or other plant leasing services. Chinese evergreens are some of the most popular plants to cultivate for indoor purposes. This type of plant is one of the plants that removes toxins from the air. It also requires little sunlight to thrive thus making it a great candidate for being your favorite office plant.


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