Advantages to Renting Plants

Two very good reasons indoor plants should be a part of your office is that they purify the air and eliminate harmful toxins. They are not only a decorative element but a contributor to better health as well. With short term plant rental services in Orlando, it’s very easy to reap the rewards of the following advantages we’ll talk about.


If you want plants in your office but are a bit apprehensive about purchasing your own, there is always short term plant rental Orlando to sort out your green needs. This is a good idea for several reasons:


Get plants best suited to your particular conditions

Not every office is the same, and they all have different limitations. You might think that just because a certain plant looks pretty, it will suit that empty corner in your office. There’s more to plant selection than that. Space considerations need to be taken into account because it would be counterproductive to accomplish the “greening” of your office only to lose much-needed room to walk around. With a plant rental service, you get advice from experts on the right plants that are best suited to the conditions of your office.


Leave maintenance to the experts

If you decide to bring in plants to the office, who will make sure they are properly cared for? Do you assign a team to “look after” the plant? Or do you hire someone else just to be in charge of maintenance? Such questions won’t concern you with the short term plant rental Orlando service. Our rental agreement includes a regular maintenance schedule to make sure the plants are in good shape.


Obtain best design tips

Just because a plant fits the needs for your office to go green doesn’t mean you should just pick a random kind and stick it in one corner. There are considerations to be made and as plant rental experts, we can provide you with design ideas that will work well with the space that you have. We work with our clients to come up with the best solution. Since everything is best visualized, we provide a photo rendering of your space and let you “see” how it will look with plants around.


Change plants as the season changes

Decorating for the season is one way to bring festive cheer into a workplace. Since there are certain plants that are best suited for a particular time of year, you can swap the current ones you have for more relevant varieties.


Get expert services

We know our plants and have dealt with various problems over the many years we’ve been in business. With our knowledge and your input, we can work together to find a solution that works best for you.


Plants liven up a room, and they have proven health benefits as well. Every office needs a bit of green these days, and we are there to help you out with whatever you need. Whether you’re renting a plant for a corporate event or for the season, let’s work together to find a solutions that suits you best.

It doesn’t matter if you need large plants to brighten up long hallways or colorful ones to add some spark to a lonely corner, give us a call and we’ll gladly help you out.


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