Enliven Your Summer Party by Decorating the Venue with the Right Plants

A common way to bring life to a party is to use event plants as centerpieces. But you can do so much more with plants than just make a centerpiece out of them.


This summer, make event plants the star of your decoration parties. To make an event extra special, feature potted plants and flowers all over your party venue.


Hydrangea standards

Make sure to deck the entrance or the front porch of the venue with event plants that make a good first impression. Hydrangea standards are ideal for a traditional porch. Their wild and elegant look is striking and will catch everyone’s eye.


Canna and sweet potato vine

If your venue is on the rustic side, decorate the entrance or front porch with canna and sweet potato vine or another large plant with filler, spiller, and thriller. When assembled just for an event, they will make an entrance appear welcoming and it will be delightful to look at.


Large palms

Need to fill a wide and bare venue?


Large palms will come to the rescue. These plants can easily fill up huge spaces and corners. These are considered an elegant yet simple option for decorating wide spaces, including historical ones.


A series of hanging plants

To create drama and interest inside a venue, use a series of hanging plants to add style to a room. They also look great hung between transitional spaces where people pass below them.


An assortment of tropical plants

Chinese evergreen, Bird of paradise, Peace Lily, and other tropical plants are not only right for the season but are also the perfect plants to use when you aim to create a bohemian or ethnic look. The variety of colors is sure to add a festive feel to your summer party.


Sansevieria plant

The bathroom is as much part of the venue as the dance floor or the buffet area. Make sure to decorate it with plants as well.


A good option is the Sansevieria plant. It will fill up the bathroom nicely and it can survive for a week or more even when there’s little light.


Viva Coreopsis Sun Splash

A party is incomplete without a dining table centerpiece. For summer events, the Viva Coreopsis Sun Splash lends a summery vibe to a party venue. The potted plant will enliven your dinner party, add color to the space, and delight your guests.


What is even better is that you can use the same potted plants to decorate your front stoop and add curb appeal when the party is over.


Hot weather plants

Make your backyard party drink station lively and summery with a container garden that is filled with a variety of hot water plants. These include bold red Pennisetum grass, white SunPatiens, and yellow and white lantana.


These are just some of the plants you can use to decorate your venue for a successful summer party. Whether you rent a function room or host the party in your own backyard, plants can make a huge difference.


Hire Plants from Green Thumb Services

Growing plants is labor intensive and time consuming. More often than not, you may not have the time to tend to your own garden.


This is where Green Thumb Interior can help.


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